TransUnion is a global leader in credit information and information management services. We can apply advanced technology and expertise in analytics and decisioning to virtually any data source to develop an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business challenges. We help businesses around the world make better decisions, manage risk, improve efficiencies and identify opportunities. TransUnion creates economic and competitive advantages for businesses and consumers.

Our experts in analytics and decisioning consult with each client at every stage of their customer’s lifecycle—from acquiring customers to strengthening and expanding relationships with them.

Credit Reporting
Credit reporting provides information and insight you can use to make more informed lending decisions. You can acquire more customers, retain your most valuable ones and manage risk better. TransUnion credit data is provided and shared by TransUnion clients. These institutions maintain high-quality data by regularly reporting and updating account information.

TransUnion is committed to providing full-file data, which means that both positive and negative data are contributed and reported. (The amount of positive data available can vary by market.) This can allow a more complete view of a consumer’s credit history and improve your ability to make more objective decisions.
Risk Management
TransUnion offers risk scores, risk analytics, risk models, risk decisioning and portfolio management services. With our expertise, TransUnion can apply these solutions to any data source—including your own data, outside data or data available in the market—and configure and integrate solutions seamlessly. Our customizable approach results in more informed decisions and, ultimately, increased revenue and reduced losses.
Fraud and Identity Management
We put verification and authentication processes in place to help you know whom you are doing business with, in order to reduce the risk of identity theft. Our identity management solutions are scalable and flexible to meet a wide range of client needs. Our experience includes developing identity management solutions that access multiple data sources, to address the needs of markets where there is no consistent identification system. In addition, we can assist with compliance efforts.
Collections Management
We help our clients efficiently locate debtors, prioritize who is most likely to pay and optimize the collections process. This can enable you to recover more while reducing administrative costs.
TransUnion in Asia and Worldwide
At TransUnion, our global focus is achieved by maintaining a local presence. Wherever we are, we bring a strong understanding of the financial services industry to delivering solutions that help businesses meet their challenges. For example, since 2001, TransUnion has been active in India as the technical partner and a shareholder in CIBIL, the first credit bureau in India. We have introduced the first score specifically developed for the market, as well as a number of other solutions designed expressly for the market.

Worldwide, TransUnion is a leader in building the credit industry and introducing best practices. In 14 countries around the world, we have built credit bureaus from the ground up, not simply acquired going concerns—more than any other credit reporting business. This gives us a deep and extensive understanding of local needs and concerns, enhanced by the expertise and insights we have gained around the world. The result is greater success for our clients.
TransUnion Company of Vietnam, Ltd
Melinh Point Tower,
2 Ngo Duc Ke St, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City

(84 8) 3520 3005
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  • Founded in 1968, TransUnion is headquartered in Chicago

  • Reaches businesses and consumers in more than 30 countries

  • Provides solutions to approximately 45,000 businesses

  • Maintains credit histories on approximately 500 million consumers and businesses worldwide
  • Financial Services
  • Automotive
  • Collections
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Retail
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