TransUnion Identity Decisioning

Understand multiple risk factors to execute a more effective strategy and address the unique identity management needs of your institution.

Identity Decisioning takes your identity and fraud management one step further by automating the identity screening process through your carefully-selected parameters, giving you greater confidence and keeping costs down. This helps ensure that your identity modules are being executed properly and that they’re checking against the most effective data sources available.

Identity Decisioning delivers a custom-configured risk strategy to help you determine how the decisioning platform “waterfalls” through various identity checks. By combining applicant-provided data with data from multiple third-party sources, you can assess the risk associated with each transaction.

The Identity Decisioning platform measures risk levels based on factors including:

  • Channel (web, call center, or other)
  • Geographical region
  • Type of product
  • Type of information being accessed

Identity Decisioning

Improve identity management with TransUnion Identity Decisioning.

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