Execute more efficient and effective marketing efforts

Develop targeted marketing campaign lists to build a bigger and better customer profile. Create and manage lists of prospects or customers that satisfy your marketing specifications – and ultimately help meet your growth goals.

With Prescreens, you can:

  • Increase response and activation rates to improve the chances of campaign success
  • Boost revenues and profitability
  • Lower costs by marketing only to those consumers who resemble your current customer base
  • Reduce the potential for bad debt losses
  • Determine the most appropriate risk parameters using past performance metrics

Instant Prescreen

Instant Prescreen is an online marketing solution used to determine cross-selling opportunities by automatically qualifying new or existing customers for pre-selected credit offers. Optimize opportunities at the point-of-sale and build customer loyalty by exceeding expectations with meaningful offers.

Customize Instant Prescreen to fit the unique needs of your bank

This advanced solution allows you to set your own parameters and automate decisioning rule configurations, limiting subjectivity and streamlining operations. Instant Prescreen also offers a variety of management reports for you to review on a regular basis, and you'll be assigned a dedicated project analyst with direct line access.

Improve your marketing efforts with Prescreens.

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