ID Report

ID Report can be used to locate consumers and provide verification of names, addresses, birth dates and Social Security numbers. It offers flexible search options and may return up to eight member files with corresponding indicative information on each.

ID Report identifies the best-matched consumers, helping you to focus your location efforts and maximize your collections activities. Reliable add-on services are also available to enhance the value of this product.

ID Report returns up to eight subjects including:

  • Consumer name
  • Current and previous address(es) with date reported
  • Second previous address
  • Birth date
  • Employment data
  • Number of inquiries on file
  • Consumer statement
  • Prioritized hits with a “Best Match” file indicator

Available add-ons:

  • ID Mismatch Alert
  • High-Risk Fraud Alert
  • Inquiry Analysis
  • OFAC Name Screen
  • Phone Append

Input Requirements and Delivery Options

There are simple input requirements and a variety of delivery options to best meet your needs.

Locate consumers sooner to maximize your collections efforts.

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