Collections Prioritization Engine

Imagine what you could do if you knew which accounts would pay before you started working them.

TransUnion Collections Prioritization Engine shows you which accounts you're most likely to collect from. That way, you can prioritize your recovery efforts to spend more time and resources recovering debt—and less pursuing uncollectable accounts – so you can collect more, spend less and simplify your treatment strategies.

Focus on consumers who will pay

Use TransUnion’s industry-leading Recovery Scoring Model to determine the likelihood of recovery and segment accounts appropriately.

Then, you can set your own cutoff strategies and apply the most cost-effective treatments to each set of accounts.

Access quick, easy-to-use recovery scores

Collections Prioritization Engine takes your accounts via batch processing and delivers results within 24 hours. Your results file shows you key elements that indicate the likelihood a consumer will pay, and provides updated contact information.

It's easy to read and can be quickly implemented into your workflow to help you prioritize accounts and set more effective treatment strategies.

Streamline your prioritization workflow with data, tools and scores from Collections Prioritization Engine and receive:

  • Predictive scores and credit characteristics
  • Quick bankruptcy and deceased scrubs
  • Updated contact information
  • Batch delivery within 24 hours
  • Direct updates to your collection system
  • Customization for a specific customer or portfolio
  • Analytical consulting to assist in customization
  • Segmentation by treatment strategy

Inquiry Analysis

Receive notification of identifying information used by consumers in recent credit applications.

Phone Append

Get updated phone numbers sourced nightly from telephone companies, as well as the TransUnion consumer file.

Streamline your collections process today.

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