Credit Report Add-Ons

A variety of credit-reports add-ons are available to Collections customers.

Creditor Contact Information

TransUnion Creditor Contact Information provides name, address and telephone number information for creditors and public record subscribers listed on a consumer’s credit report. This includes subscribers appearing in the public record, tradeline, collection and inquiry sections of the credit report. The information returned with Creditor Contact Information enables you to contact individual subscribers with questions about information appearing in a credit file.

Individual Monitoring

Individual Monitoring helps you locate debtors or lost accountholders and simplify your collection process. It enables you to watch for changes in credit behavior on individual accounts—in addition to identifying new contact information—for up to 36 months.

Inquiry Analysis

Receive notification of identifying information used by consumers in recent credit applications. Inquiry Analysis provides valuable information available from inquiries made to a consumer’s file within the last 90 days and includes the subscriber’s name, member code and inquiry date, along with the input used to perform past inquiries. Inquiry Analysis maximizes and streamlines collection efforts by helping you quickly locate individuals.

Phone Append

TransUnion Phone Append provides multiple updated phone numbers sourced nightly from telephone companies, as well as the TransUnion consumer file. Get batch or online delivery cascaded into your collections workflow and appended to your Contact Locator results.

Streamline your collections process today with credit report add-ons.

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