Triggers for Collections

Learn when changes indicate new ability to pay

TransUnion Triggers for Collections monitors accounts and alerts you to changes that could affect your treatment strategies.

When contact data changes or credit activity indicates a greater likelihood of recovery, TransUnion notifies you as soon as the next day. That way, you can reprioritize quickly to focus your resources more effectively.

Address your needs and play to your strengths

Customize your triggers solution based on your collections criteria and the treatments you find most effective.

Choose from 19 standard predictive triggers including:

  • New mortgage
  • Recently opened credit card
  • Change in open-to-buy bankcards
  • Address change
  • New phone number
  • Change in TransUnion Recovery Score

Our collections experts will work with you to determine which characteristics best fit your overall strategy. They'll also help you monitor and refine your triggers solution to ensure you're getting the right information at the right time to increase recoveries.

Learn when to reprioritize accounts to recover more dollars.

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