Credit Report Add-Ons

Access a variety of credit report add-ons to obtain the information you need to make smart business decisions

Credit Summary

Credit Summary condenses key elements from a consumer’s credit file into succinct areas of information. This service counts the different categories of information within the credit file, such as the number of mortgage tradelines or the number of past due accounts. It also presents a concise summary of a consumer’s financial picture with a breakdown provided by type of account. This report summarizes information by total file history or only the most recent 12 months’ data.

Creditor Contact Information

TransUnion Creditor Contact Information provides name, address and telephone number information for creditors and public record subscribers listed on a consumer’s credit report. This includes subscribers appearing in the public record, tradeline, collection and inquiry sections of the credit report. The information returned with Creditor Contact Information enables you to contact individual subscribers with questions about information appearing in a credit file.

ID Mismatch Alert

ID Mismatch Alert is offered as an add-on to most TransUnion services. It compares application data to information found in the database and highlights any differences in surname, addresses or SSN. Additionally, it will flag an invalid ZIP code. This solution helps you verify applicant information prior to opening an account and also helps prevent inaccurate or fraudulent data from becoming part of a consumer’s file.

Inquiry Analysis

Inquiry Analysis provides valuable information available from inquiries made to a consumer’s file within the last 90 days. The output includes the subscriber’s name, customer code and inquiry date, along with the input used to perform past inquiries. Inquiry Analysis maximizes and streamlines collection efforts by helping you quickly locate individuals.

OFAC Name Screen

OFAC Name Screen helps simplify compliance with federal regulations. In some cases, failure to check the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list can lead to significant civil and criminal penalties. With OFAC Name Screen, you can enhance your compliance efforts and reduce the number of false positives.

Phone Append

TransUnion Phone Append provides multiple updated phone numbers sourced nightly from telephone companies, as well as the TransUnion consumer file. Available in batch or online delivery.

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