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Our combination of data, analytics and an in-depth understanding of your industry can help you develop more profitable strategies across your business and customer lifecycle.

Access credit information and make better business decisions.

The TransUnion database contains more than 200 million files, which profile nearly every credit-active consumer in the United States. This database contains information provided by more than 85,000 credit-granting institutions and is updated, audited and monitored on a regular basis to help you make better decisions on both prospects and existing customers.

Credit Reports Add-ons

Access to the most current and complete consumer data to help acquire new customers and manage the associated risks of doing business with them.

Risk Scores and Models

Make confident and consistent consumer credit decisions — leveraging a number of delinquency and bankruptcy predictors.


Develop targeted marketing campaign lists to build a bigger and better customer profile.

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Manage identities throughout the customer lifecycle.

TransUnion Identity Management solutions give you the flexibility to address varying degrees of risk and improve operational efficiencies, quickly approve good customers and better meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Identity Manager Verification

Verify and validate consumer-provided information against third-party data sources to identify any discrepancies and potential fraud.

Identity Decisioning

Assess consumer and situational risk in order to execute the best tools and strategies for identity management.

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Improve your segmentation and prioritization strategies to increase recoveries.

The more you can refine your collection strategies, the more efficiently you can collect debt. TransUnion combines data, analytics and decisioning to provide valuable insight into each account so you can better define consumers' willingness and ability to pay.

That way, you can allocate your resources to spend more time and effort on the segments you know are likely to yield higher recoveries, and less on uncollectable accounts.

Recovery Scores

Combine fresh consumer data and new modeling technology to efficiently score accounts and target those consumers most likely to pay.

SSN Report

Verify and locate consumers using only a Social Security Number.

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