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TransUnion Direct offers many great features that help you and your organization operate more efficiently.

Multiple product requests can be submitted at once. Order multiple reports without having to review results individually. Just enter in your orders and download all reports at once.
Complete tasks quickly. Log in directly from the enhanced home page to see how we can help you quickly complete tasks.
Archive reports and reuse order history information for new requests. View reports for up to seven calendar days without having to reorder. Refer back to previous orders, and request additional reports without re-entering consumer information.
Improved data entry on order input forms. Order forms are easy to complete and make request submission effortless.
The results summary gives you a snapshot view of a report. An easy-to-follow order results page highlights key elements of the credit report and links to a user-friendly PDF report format to save or print.
Self-service capabilities make administrative tasks easy. Take advantage of our preferences and profile settings, along with the FAQ and Administration sections, to enhance your experience.
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