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Accelerating Launch and Growth

Since the beginning of marketplace lending, TransUnion has supported new lenders through their development. We understand the key drivers at each phase of your growth and can help you navigate the common pitfalls awaiting you during periods of early uncertainty and rapid growth.

Powering Innovation

Marketplace lenders face intense competitor and investor pressures to innovate continuously. TransUnion provides quick access to the data, tools, and insights needed to fuel developmental iterations in rapid succession. Whether you are looking to deploy new attributes, implement automated decisioning, A/B test new data, or establish digital marketing channels, we help lenders stay at the forefront of advanced lending practices.

Turning Data into Insights

Marketplace lenders leveraging TransUnion’s robust data have set the standard for competing at the leading edge in advanced underwriting and risk decision-making. Whether you are targeting universe expansion or looking for more precise risk assessment, TransUnion’s unique integration of trended and alternative data, in addition to traditional credit data, can help you scale originations successfully with more accurate consumer targeting, pricing, and risk containment.

Navigating Fraud

Digital channels offer customers a personalized environment, when they need it; however, online fraud introduces a new layer of lender risk. TransUnion offers solutions that enable you to assess each potential lead based on risk profile, thus maximizing yield while reducing fraud exposure.

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