Portfolio Analytics

Portfolio Analytics

Take control of your credit portfolio and help improve its performance. You can make fast, proactive decisions, manage accounts more effectively and profitably with our comprehensive range of solutions:

  • Segmentation analysis—We can help you understand your portfolios across the customer life cycle and use credit bureau data for monitoring purposes. This enables you to keep track of portfolio changes, detect trends, and identify customer needs that offer opportunities to generate revenue.

  • Validations and calibrations—Recent changes in the credit environment mean that many scores developed by credit grantors need to be validated. We can validate and/or re-calibrate scores developed by your internal resources or a third party.

  • Acquisition, including origination trends

  • Portfolio performance tracking, including:
  • Roll rates
  • Time-on-books analysis
  • Portfolio composition

  • Income estimation—We can help you develop a custom model that estimates a consumer's income and debt-to-income ratio, which can help in evaluating the ability to pay.

  • Payment capacity estimation—To help you predict expected payment amounts and probability of payment, we can help you develop a custom model that determines which consumers can take on more credit.

  • Portfolio segmentation analysis can help you:
  • Take advantage of the benefits of credit bureau information and services (Adviser and INTL)
  • Get more out of your current base through CRM strategies, including cross-selling and up-selling the right customers at the right time
  • Protect your base from attrition and enhance customer retention—even accounts in collections
  • Pre-empt delinquency by monitoring negative changes in customer behavior
  • More effectively target prospects with the right solution (for example, a debt restructure or timely cross-sell) with acceptable risk levels for your business
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