Streamline your processes and improve the effectiveness, consistency and predictiveness of your decisions throughout your organization with DecisionCentre, our automated ASP decisioning platform.

Automate your business rules and processes

DecisionCentre enables you to build, automate and improve complex decision processes that require increasing amounts of available data. It helps you consistently apply your business rules to managing your risk models, portfolio segmentation, identity authentication and other actions to improve risk management.

By applying sophisticated analytics, scoring and models to multiple data sources, you can use DecisionCentre to streamline time-consuming business processes and help you reduce implementation time, mitigate risk and increase profitability.

Scalable and flexible

The ASP platform makes DecisionCentre affordable for a wide range of businesses and a good fit with internal support resources for easy integration with your current systems. In addition, this powerful platform can accommodate expanding needs; for example, you could start with basic solutions and evolve to more sophisticated, customized solutions and models.

Put DecisionCentre to work throughout the customer lifecycle

Make more informed decisions in:

  • Acquisition—Combines comprehensive information sources, sophisticated analytics and decisioning with monitoring and consulting services. Suitable for the following and more:
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk-based pricing and interest rates
  • Fraud prevention and identity authentication
  • Models for Hit and No Hit customers
  • Credit policy synchronization
  • Customer segmentation

  • Portfolio management—Allows ongoing portfolio reviews to assess risk and identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities in a timely manner.

  • Collections management—Helps improve operational efficiencies at each stage of the recovery process, including:
  • Preventive collection
  • Early collection
  • Late collection/recovery

Configure your own rules, policies and more

Our platform permits easy configuration by a business analyst, including the ability to revise rules and policies as your business needs change. DecisionCentre makes it easy with a full set of modules that enable you to manage your business strategies, models and solutions.

An easy fit with the way your organization works

With DecisionCentre, you can take advantage of a wide range of easy-to-use features and functionality, including:

  • Integrate bureau data and practically any other data source
  • Perform a wide range of activities such as defining rules, matrices, scores and even screen design
  • Take advantage of batch and online processing
  • Test existing strategies against alternative approaches to improve results
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