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Bureau Analyzer

Make faster, more objective decisions—automatically—using credit data

Bureau Analyzer, designed especially for the Mexican market, enables you to access through the internet current information from the credit information companies in Mexico. Our tool interprets the data and generates a detailed analysis of the current and historical credit standing of your customers, allowing you to make decisions quickly and securely.

Get the information and analysis your institution needs

With Bureau Analyzer, you can make a credit assessment of a file (for either a natural or legal person) based on key risk indicators and best practices, including:
  • Score
  • Credit experience
  • Current payment behavior
  • Payment behavior variables (current and last 12 months)
  • Exposure to risk by product type (revolving and non-revolving)
  • Number of auto inquiries and institution inquiries
  • Total number of loans
  • Detail by type of loan and status
  • Negative references
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