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Express ID Authentication

Reduce your exposure to identity fraud quickly and effectively

Mitigate the risk of possible fraud due to identity theft and help improve the quality of your portfolio. Provide transparency and security to your clients in credit acquisition or any transaction that requires full identification of your clients.

Express ID Authentication, a DecisionCentre® solution, enables you to streamline processing for multiple channels—branch/point of sale, Internet and ATM—without sacrificing the quality of credit decisions. This fast, secure process enables you to build and maintain customer trust and loyalty. Our solution can help you reduce losses and operational costs, improve profitability and build better relationships with your customers.

Confirm who is on the other side of a transaction and reduce the risk of fraud

Use our automated customer identity verification solution to access multiple data sources—both internal and external, such as Buró de Crédito—and verify the likelihood that customers are who they claim to be. Protect your business against fraud, reduce false positives and help protect your customers from account takeover.

Fast and easy for online or person-to-person transactions

You can use Express ID Authentication for a variety of transaction interfaces or points of contact, including Web sites, call centers and point of sale. Our solution automatically receives the information provided by the individual, begins the verification process based on credit data and socio-demographic information from internal databases, and quickly returns a short series of questions for the customer to answer. Express ID Authentication is designed for easy customization to your specific needs.

Use Express ID Authentication throughout the customer lifecycle

Reduce risk in these key areas of your organization:
  • Acquisition
  • Verify identity when you approve credit or a service
  • Approve transactions made through your contact center
  • Authorize transactions made on the Web

  • Account management
  • Accept activation keys by phone
  • Deliver confidential information, such as checking balances and keys
  • Renew credit limits
  • Activate additional services
  • Update information
  • Withdraw large sums of money in offices
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