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Express Collections

Prioritize collections and recover more—more efficiently

Streamline your collections processes and make decisions in today’s challenging and ever-changing environment with greater effectiveness, consistency and predictiveness. Improve the efficiency of your collections operation with this batch solution and enable your collections managers to optimize resources based on more informed decisions.

Express Collections, a DecisionCentre® solution, uses Adviser data to automate decisioning and help determine the most appropriate collections strategy for each of hundreds or thousands of individual accounts.

Determine preventive, early and late collections strategies

Make appropriate choices—warnings, letters, “soft” calls, “hard” calls or legal action—at every stage of delinquency. Assign collections resources where they are likely to pay off the most, and monitor and manage your caseload more easily. Express Collections can also help you identify delinquent customers who are most likely to self-cure, which helps you determine the most appropriate strategies with little to no damage to your relationships with them.

Express Collections offers three service levels, each of which can be adjusted to your needs.

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