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Express Credit Line Administration

Streamline and improve the predictiveness of your credit line decisions

Improve your portfolio by recognizing the value of your most valuable customers and offering them higher credit limits. With Express Credit Line Administration, a module of DecisionCentre®, you can also increase profits while reducing reserves by cancelling inactive accounts.

Rules and risk models are used to estimate the customer’s risk level, taking into account profitability and exposure to risk. This information may be used to calculate the amount of the increase or reduction, or the cancellation, of the credit line.

Flexible batch processing

Express Credit Line Administration gives you great flexibility in variables for efficient credit line management. You can also submit files as often as your business needs dictate—daily, monthly, or quarterly. Designed for customers of Buró de Crédito using Adviser, this solution can also integrate internal information. That means consistent decisions that consider not only internal behavior but also the customer’s behavior with the competition.

Express Credit Line Administration offers three service levels, each of which can be adjusted to your needs.
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