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Express Portfolio Administration

Make timelier, more profitable decisions

With Express Portfolio Administration, you can monitor the behavior of your portfolio in an efficient and timely way, to better understand it and to reduce your exposure to risk. You can streamline your processes and make decisions in today’s challenging and ever-changing environment with greater effectiveness, consistency and predictiveness.

Express Portfolio Administration, a DecisionCentre® solution, enables you to automate decisioning and get a comprehensive view of each customer. You can better recognize the value of your best customers and design new strategies for increasing the profitability of your portfolio.

You can align your credit products and CRM strategies, among others, to help increase the profitability of your portfolio and establish long-term relationships. In addition, you can use this solution as a basis for market research.

Streamline your daily processes

By using this solution, you can take advantage of batch processing for efficient portfolio management. Express Portfolio Administration works with Adviser data as well as your internal data. You can submit files as often as your business needs dictate—daily, monthly, or quarterly.
Express Portfolio Administration offers three service levels, each of which can be adjusted to your needs.
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