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Make faster, more consistent decisions with DecisionCentre®

Transform the way you attract new customers, develop products and services, mitigate risk and collect debt with our automated ASP (application service provider) decisioning platform. Streamline and standardize time-consuming processes using your own rules and policies.

Express Solutions

Six preconfigured solutions are ready to implement, making it easy to integrate DecisionCentre into your acquisition, credit line management, portfolio management, collections and ID authentication processes.

Decisioning white paper

Get an overview of automated decisioning as a strategic resource that can help you set best practices and exceed your goals.

TransUnion analytics services

See how you can use our custom modeling services, strategy optimization tools, custom analysis and more to fine-tune your risk strategies throughout the customer lifecycle.
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If you have known us for the technology support TransUnion has given Buró de Crédito since 1995, there is much more to know about who we are and what we do.

Global leadership and local force

Credit and information management solutions for approximately 45,000 businesses around the world

Presence in more than 30 countries

TransUnion Soluciones de Información 

An expert team in Mexico with extensive experience in the financial sector

Committed to best practices and knowledge sharing

Dedicated to helping businesses like yours
make better decisions, reduce risk and grow profitably
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We recently learned of a phishing scam that purports to be from TransUnion.