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TransUnion has helped me reach my financial goals by providing a regular consistent snapshot of my credit history.
— May C.—

Make smarter
money-saving decisions

With a good credit score, you may pay less with lower interest rates on mortgages, auto loans and credit cards.


OFFER DETAILS: Your FREE TransUnion Credit Score is available as part of a 7-day FREE trial of our subscription-based credit monitoring service. There is no risk and you may cancel at anytime during the FREE trial period. At the end of your 7-day FREE trial you will be billed at the low cost of only $16.95 per month.

The power of TransUnion Credit Monitoring
You will find the same great benefits as TrueCredit:
  • TransUnion Credit Score with UNLIMITED updates
  • 24/7 Email alerts of critical credit changes
  • ID Theft insurance up to $25,000
  • Personalized credit and debt analysis
  • Savings tab with money-saving offers
  • Toll-free hotline to ID Restoration services
  • TransUnion Credit Lock
  • Credit Eduction Center
  • VantageScore® Credit Score and Grade by TransUnion
11 million

TransUnion has provided personal credit management solutions for more than
11 million consumers.
  • "I rely on TransUnion Credit Monitoring to know when, what, and how my credit account balances are faring."
    — Sri I. —
  • "TransUnion's credit monitoring service helped me my track my credit score and learn how to live better with healthy credit."
    — Dorothy T. —
  • "Credit monitoring has made me wiser with my credit (and subsequently money), and also helped me to diligently check for identity theft issues."
    — Richard Y. —
Do you know your current credit score

Your credit score has the potential to change anytime, without your knowledge. How you handle your credit and payments plays a big role in determining your score. Can you really afford not to see your credit score every month?
Time to check your credit health?
Seven steps to a healthier credit score
Get your credit where you want it

From paying your bills on time to being cautious about opening and closing accounts, these seven basic steps can help guide you toward a score that will help you get the kind of interest rates you want. Let this video show you how.
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