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Ask Audrey® - Q&A with TransUnion's Credit Columnist

Audrey, TransUnion's Credit Columnist, has been helping consumers clarify their credit questions for years. Get answers to questions about credit, mortgages, loans, identity theft and more!
How long does information stay on your report? Why is it important to check it? See what Audrey has to say about credit reports.
Wondering how paying off debts or closing accounts will impact your credit score? See Audrey's answers to common consumer questions about scores.
What does identity theft have to do with a job search? Find out how identity theft affected some consumers and see Audrey’s tips to keep yourself safer.
How does your behavior with credit cards affect your score? See Audrey’s answer to this and more credit card questions.
Does something on your report appear inaccurate? See Audrey's suggestions about inaccuracies and how to dispute them.
What happens to your stellar score if you marry someone who's not quite there yet? Find out how your partner's credit could impact yours.
Does paying off an auto loan early impact your score? What does a "pre-qualified" offer mean? See answers about auto loans.
Wondering how to establish credit or what to do if you’re denied credit? Audrey has answers to these and more about managing credit.
How does your credit history affect your ability to get a mortgage? What are the advantages of fixed or adjustable rates? Find out.
What are some smart strategies to pay off debt? Are you responsible for a deceased loved one’s debts? Get the answers to these and more.
When and how should you refinance and what do you need to ask your lender? See what Audrey has to say about home equity loans and more.
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