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Credit Disputes Q&A

Does something on your report appear inaccurate? See Audrey’s suggestions about inaccuracies and how to dispute them.
Q: My credit report lists my student loans before I consolidated them, so it shows an incorrect debt-to-income ratio. It looks like I pay significantly more than I do. How do I dispute items on my credit report and will it help or hurt my credit report?
Q. When we realized our mortgage was late for 3 months because of a change in amounts, we sent in the balance owned. This mistake is still showing up on one bureau’s credit report after the mortgage company asked all 3 reporting agencies. How can I remove a reported mistake from my credit report?
Q: We were offered a much higher mortgage rate than we expected because our lender found an inaccuracy on a credit bureau report we hadn't looked at. Is it too late to correct a credit report error?
Q: I paid a credit repair company to help me fix my credit report by removing negative information. They took my money but I don't see any difference. What can I do now?
Q: How do I correct my annual credit report? I got it off two bureaus. Do the three bureaus check each other?
Ensuring the Accuracy of Your Three Credit Reports
What Affects Your Credit Score?
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