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Credit Reports Q&A

How long does information stay on your report? Why is it important to check it? See what Audrey has to say about credit reports.
Q: I have several accounts that were sent to a collection agency. It has been more than 7 years since that occurred, but they are still on my credit report. Since collections are supposed to fall off after 7 years, is there anything I can do to get these removed?
Q: My husband and I are proud parents of a soon-to-be college graduate. We had to take out two student loans to pay for school. If we consolidate the student loans, will it appear negatively on my credit report?
Q: My credit report shows two credit cards that were charged-off and are now included in bankruptcy. I did not recognize these accounts, but after investigating found that they were old joint accounts with my mother, who recently declared bankruptcy. How can I get these removed from my credit?
Q: Do the credit agencies also receive reports of my income?
Q: I fell into debt during a serious illness and my credit score dropped significantly. I heard that much of the negative information had to stay there for seven years. How can I clean up my credit report sooner?
Q: Why does my credit report show balances on accounts that I'm paying off in full each month?
Q: Unfortunately, my credit history isn't pretty. I'm thinking about leasing a new car rather than buying. Will they look at my credit?
Q: I'm trying to rebuild my credit after bankruptcy. How can I add favorable information to my credit report?
Q: How long do late payments stay on your credit report? I paid my credit card off in full last month, but missed a payment 3 years ago and it is still on my report.
Q: I want to fix my credit by paying all unpaid debt, but over time I may have lost track of who and what I owe. Is there a way to find this information or is it included in a credit report?
Q: I got my TransUnion credit report. The personal information needs updating. How do I do that? Thanks in advance.
Q: I have 2 cellphone bills in collections and a credit card. They keep getting bought and resold. Will they ever be off my credit report or do I need to call and make a deal with them? It's almost been 7 yrs on all three.
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