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Credit Scores Q&A

Wondering how paying off debts or closing accounts will impact your credit score? See Audrey’s answers to common consumer questions about scores.
Q. I recently reviewed my credit report and saw that I have many open credit card accounts that I no longer use. Will closing them impact my score?
Q: We need to sell our house quickly because of a job relocation. We're being advised to "sell short." Will my credit score suffer?
Q: I lost my job and had to foreclose on my house, and now I'm trying to repair my credit. How long will this foreclosure impact my credit score?
Q: I've been slowly paying off a large credit card balance. When will that be reflected in my score?
Q: A pickpocket grabbed my wallet, including credit cards and driver's license. I reported everything but could this incident damage my credit score?
Q: I'm repaying a credit union loan and trying to repair my score. Will my payments be reported to the credit bureaus?
Q: Can you explain why the credit score my lender shared with me is lower than the one I saw on TransUnion.com?
Q: I have a company credit card in my name that was paid late last month. Is this going to hurt my credit score?
Q: How does an increased spending limit on a credit card affect my score?
Q: I paid off my car loan early, thinking it'd help my score, but nothing changed. Is this an error?
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