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Debt Management Q&A

What are some smart strategies to pay off debt? Are you responsible for a deceased loved one’s debts? Get the answers to these and more.
Q: I am trying very hard to improve my credit, but my debts seem to keep piling up. If I join a credit counseling or debt management program, will it harm my credit?
Q: I have several accounts that have been sent to collection agencies. They are offering to settle my debt for less than what I owe. Will paying off collections accounts for less than I owe affect my credit, or should I pay the debt in full?
Q: Due to a series of recent events that have left me unable to pay my bills, I've had to file for bankruptcy. Is there anything I can do to rebuild credit after bankruptcy?
Q: When I was young, I ran up large amounts of credit card debt. My financial situation has since improved and I am now in a position to pay off these credit card debts. What is the best way to pay off credit cards? Should I start with the card that has the highest balance?
Q: My fiancé has a lot of credit card debt from when he was in grad school. He says it won’t affect me unless he transfers them to a joint account. Is that true?
Q: My husband died, and now I’m getting calls from companies he owed money to. Am I responsible for his outstanding debts?
Q: Due to prolonged unemployment, my credit cards are close to the limit. What are my options other than bankruptcy?
Q: I am drowning in debt. I work to pay my credit cards. I have about $20,000 of debt with 4 major credit cards, and 2 online stores. I would like to pay all my debt to live more debt-free. What is the best way to eliminate debt?
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