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Debt Management Q&A

Q: I am trying very hard to improve my credit, but my debts seem to keep piling up. If I join a credit counseling or debt management program, will it harm my credit?
A: It sounds like you truly want to improve your credit, so that's a great start. You have to remember that it takes time and effort to become and live debt-free, but it's something you can definitely accomplish on your own.

The Credit Learning Center has five steps to live debt-free that can help.

If you do decide to use a credit counseling or debt management program, be sure to carefully research the organization before you sign on or give them any money. Some of the dangers of these programs include: expensive fees, missed or late payments that hurt your credit score, consolidating balances into one large amount (that can also harm your score), removing positive account information from your report and more.
Now that you know more about credit scores, sign up for TransUnion Credit Monitoring today and receive your credit report & score.
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