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Credit Disputes Q&A

Q. When we realized our mortgage was late for 3 months because of a change in amounts, we sent in the balance owned. This mistake is still showing up on one bureau’s credit report after the mortgage company asked all 3 reporting agencies. How can I remove a reported mistake from my credit report?
A: To remove a mistake from your credit report when an error is reported as fact by the credit reporting bureaus, you will have to file a complaint and ask that they investigate your account. The credit reporting bureau must look into your account within 30 days and either confirm that you did pay late or, if you have proof, remove the error from your credit history.

When you apply for your next home loan, look for a lender who has a copy of your credit history from each credit reporting bureau. Then, you can show the lender proof that you pay bills on time, and that this was a one-time error.
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