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Identity Theft Q&A

What does identity theft have to do with a job search? Find out how identity theft affected some consumers and see Audrey’s tips to keep yourself safer.
Q: About two years ago I realized that I had been a victim of identity theft and had a fraud alert placed on my credit file. How do I get a fraud alert on my credit report removed?
Q: My husband's wallet, including credit cards, an expired driver's license and his insurance card, was stolen and we reported everything. Could the thieves still damage our credit?
Q: I'm trying to remove the damage from recent identity theft on my credit report. What should I say about this to an employer when they do a background check?
Q: I was recently a victim of identity theft, and the thief used my social security number. Should I change it? Thank you.
Q: If I freeze my credit report to prevent identity theft on my vacation, can I still rent a car? Don't companies check your credit report and credit card?
The Difference Between a Fraud Alert and a Credit Freeze
Protection from Identity Theft and Fraud
How to Prevent Identity Theft
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