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Couples and Credit Q&A

Q: I'm getting married soon, and I have a good credit history. What happensto your credit when you get married? I've heard from some friends that when you get married, both you and your spouse's credit reports become one. Is this true?
A: Congrats on your upcoming wedding! It's great that you're already thinking about your joint finances. Believe it or not, many couples are uncomfortable talking about their individual financial situations. It's good to be upfront and open about everything so there are no surprises down the road. Find money management tips for couples from TransUnion.

Even after you're married, you and your spouse will have separate credit reports. The only way you will share your wife-to-be's credit is if you open a joint account or co-sign a loan. For example, if you get a mortgage together and miss a payment-or make a late payment-that activity will show up on both of your credit reports. Same is true with a car loan or any credit card accounts you open together.
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