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    If the parent or legal guardian of a minor or incapacitated/protected person who resides in one of the qualifying states would like to place a protected consumer freeze on the consumer’s file they will need to send their request to the address listed below.

    Qualifications for a Minor:

    State Age
    Delaware Under 16 years of age
    Florida Under 16 years of age
    Illinois Under 18 years of age
    Indiana Under 16 years of age
    Maryland Under 16 years of age
    Michigan Under 16 years of age
    Oregon Under 15 years of age
    Texas Under 16 years of age
    Wisconsin Under 16 years of age

    Required Documentation:

    • A written request to place a “protected consumer freeze” on the named individual’s file AND
    • One of the following qualifying documents indicating that the requestor has Proof of Authority of the named individual:
    - Court Order
    - Power of Attorney
    - Written, Notarized and Signed Description of Authority AND
    • One of the following identification documents for both the named individual and the parent/representative:
    - Proof of social security number (i.e. SSN card)
    - Proof of name and address (Driver’s License, State of Gov’t Issued ID Card)
    - Copy of Birth Certificate (for minor’s) AND
    • The required fee via check or money order (click here to view your individual state requirement )

    All of the aforementioned documents should be mailed to:

    TransUnion Protected Consumer Freeze
    P.O. Box 380
    Woodlyn, PA 19094

    For any additional questions or concerns, please contact TransUnion at 800-916-8800. When contacting our office, to better assist you, please inform the representative that you are calling in regards to a “Protected Consumer Freeze.”

    Please note: Consumers are not able to place a protected consumer freeze via phone or online at this time due to the documentation requirements.

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