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You Only Have One Identity

TrueIdentity only has one goal: Protecting It

At TrueIdentity, we never rest when it comes to protecting your identity. Stay safe with:
  • Sophisticated monitoring
  • Powerful fraud-fighting tools
  • Up to $1 million in identity theft insurance (limitations and exclusions may apply)

Comprehensive Identity Protection: A Closer Look

Here are just some of the ways TrueIdentity looks out for you:

Internet Watch
We constantly monitor illegal trading or selling of your personal information on thousands of gray- and black-market websites. This includes credit & debit cards, bank accounts, Social Security Number, driver’s license, email addresses, and more.

TransUnion Credit Monitoring & Scores
We monitor your credit for early identity-theft warning signs and send you an Instant Alert letting you know. And with Credit Lock, you can block TransUnion credit report access with a click.

Identity Restoration Specialists
Get expert help in the event your identity is ever compromised or exposed.

Lost Wallet Assistance
We help you cancel and replace lost or stolen credit, debit and identification cards.

Neighborhood Watch
Keep your family safe – get notifications when a sex offender registers in your neighborhood.

Payday Loans Monitoring
We monitor the use of your data on the non-credit loan market, which includes payday loans and others not reported to credit bureaus.

Court Records Monitoring
This service scans court documents for criminal acts and other legal data reported under your identity.

Address Tracker
We help you make sure no one has changed your address to receive your mail.

Identity Theft Insurance
Should your identity become compromised or exposed, get up to $1 million in coverage (terms, conditions and exclusions may apply).

Enterprise-Grade Identity Protection. Powered by TransUnion.

TrueIdentity uses the same 128-bit encryption implemented by leading financial institutions and governments worldwide. It’s the level of safety and security you would expect from a global data service provider like TransUnion. See for yourself how TrueIdentity’s world-class protection keeps your identity yours.
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