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Keep You and Your Family Safer with TrueIdentity

Our new, advanced tools bring ID Theft Protection to a higher level

Identity thieves can be relentless, even targeting children. That's why TransUnion, The Trusted Source for millions of consumers, now brings you enhanced online tools to help keep your family and your personal information safe.

TrueIdentity gives you peace of mind by using powerful new tools and resources to help protect you. And if identity theft should occur, you won't be alone. You'll have help every step of the way, from identity theft insurance to expert assistance with canceling and replacing your identification information and guidance in getting your identity back.

With TrueIdentity, you'll feel more protected:

  • We reduce your risk of identity theft by proactively monitoring places on the Internet where criminal selling and trading of your personal information may occur
  • We help you recover more effectively from ID Theft with Identity Restoration
  • You'll receive help with Lost Wallet Assistance, if credit or other identification cards are lost or stolen
  • We're keeping your family safer with Neighborhood Monitoring, which notifies you when a sex offender registers in your neighborhood

Rest easier knowing your data is being monitored across a spectrum of potential identity theft areas:

  • Non-Credit Loans checks for use of your data in loans that aren't reported to the credit bureaus and warns you if anything is found
  • Change of Address notifies you if the postal service receives a change of address
  • Court Records scans court documents for criminal acts reported under your identity and other legal data for your name and date of birth associated with crimes or infractions
  • TransUnion Credit Monitoring enables you to enhance your credit health by keeping you aware of your scores and credit status
Feel more secure and safeguard your family with our most advanced protection. Sign up now for TrueIdentity!
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