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It’s time for a credit check. How’s your credit?

Here is what to do before and after a credit check.
Make sure holiday season purchases are paid off
Credit card interest payments are no one’s idea of a present. Put any financial resources you have toward paying off last year’s debt.
Monitor your credit
Don’t let identity fraud sneak up on you. Your credit report is one of the best indicators that someone else may be getting credit in your name: check for new accounts, addresses or anything else that doesn’t look like you initiated it.
Dispute inaccuracies
If inaccuracies are revealed on your credit check, take swift steps to correct them. Your financial standing, including your credit score and the rates you’ll be charged for credit and loans, depends on it! Learn how to correct a mistake on your credit report here.
Now that you know more about what to do before and after credit checks,
get your credit report & score.
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What Do I Need To Do To Have Healthier Credit?
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