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Apps for Managing Your Money

The only thing as precious as your money is your time. Save yourself time with convenient apps for managing your money on your favorite portable device.

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The only thing as precious as your money is your time. Consider saving time with convenient apps for managing your money on your favorite portable device.

When all of your financial data is at your fingertips, it's easier to make daily spending decisions while keeping your eye on your overall financial health. Personal finance apps put your present and future financial health into your own hands.

Envelope budgeting

Your parents may have taught you how to budget with envelopes. This old-school method is efficient, easy and available on various money-management apps. Take a look at Budget Envelopes or SimpleBudget.

Personal finance managers

Some apps for managing your money show you the big picture, tracking everything from bank fees to savings plans. Link to bank accounts, credit card accounts, utility companies and more. Consider creating a budget and savings goals with comprehensive apps.

Home budget for families

When you have multiple checking accounts and retirement accounts but shared expenses, you may want a home-budget app that lets you use information from multiple accounts. Try HomeBudget or Home Budget Book. You can also find out more information on creating a budget from TransUnion.

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Bill payment reminders

Nothing will put a damper on your day quite like a late fee. Stay alert with Bills Monitor Free by Maxwell Software. Use the calendar, accounts, bills, reports and history folders to schedule and store all of your payment dates.

Checkbook on the go

If you often find yourself with a pocketful of receipts at the end of the day after swiping your debit and credit cards, you may want an app for managing the money you spend daily. Checkbook Free can replace multiple paper checkbooks because it has a multiple-account feature.

Credit monitoring

Keeping track of your credit scores is an important part of your financial health. Your credit scores are not static, permanent numbers. Like the stock market and the temperature outside, they change. Track your TransUnion credit score with TransUnion's online service and receive notifications of changes to your credit report that may indicate potential identity theft.

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