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Life Stages, Events and Financial Cycles

Our credit needs and financial challenges vary with different stages and milestones in our lives. Wherever you are, find helpful advice and strategies to achieve your goals.
The holiday season is about to get into full swing (if it hasn’t started already!). Many shoppers will be using credit and debit cards, but some will decide to stick with cash.
You may not have bought your Thanksgiving turkey yet, but the holiday season has arrived. That means we’ll soon find ourselves welcoming 2015 with resolutions.
Seeing more new cars on the road or cranes in your area? That isn’t surprising given recent reports.
You can start saving for child's college education today. Learn about what option may be best for you.
Saving for retirement is a key component to creating a sound financial future. Selecting the right retirement account is the first step.
Buying your first car is considerably more expensive than the sticker price reveals. Prepare yourself for the unavoidable expenditures that come along for the ride.
Home-ownership is part of the American dream. If purchasing a house is the next step in your many life stages, you'll need to start well in advance to prep your credit before visiting lenders.
For most families, having a baby is a time to rejoice and celebrate. Identifying the many ways a baby affects your finances will help you plan ahead.
Before you say "I do," have you and your partner discussed the financial realities of becoming legally wed?
As the economy recovers credit will flow at a more normalized pace
Giving to charity is a wonderful way to lend your support to a cause you believe in. But many people don't realize that giving to charity is a win-win situation at tax time.
Getting your first credit card might not be as challenging as you think
Raising kids is definitely expensive, but being prepared for those expenses can make a difference in your bottom line.
You've put a lot of time and energy into planning for your future by budgeting, managing debt and building a retirement fund. These affordable places to retire could give you more bang for your buck.
Are you financially prepared for life as a single person? Learn about the unique challenges and potential pitfalls of money management when you are on your own.
Learn which financial management activites and choices to consider in order to meet your goals at each stage of your life.
Learn how to prepare so you can get favorable terms on a home mortgage loan.
Consider these six factors before trying to lower your mortgage rates.
It is important to understand how leasing or buying a new car will impact your finances such as your monthly budget, debt ratios and credit score.
When talking with your spouse about money, you'll need a high degree of patience and a heavy dose of compromise.
Will you be retiring soon? Couples nearing retirement can avoid future money worries by reviewing credit activity and making adjustments to budgets and investments now instead of waiting until retirement begins.
Before you make the decision to share credit, it's important to learn about the pros and cons of combining your borrowing activities with another person's. The joint credit choices you make may affect your individual credit score and credit report.
It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of owning a rental property and its influence on your financing and credit history.
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