Alternative Data

Alternative data sources go beyond traditional risk scores, allowing you to gain a more holistic perspective

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Reach more consumers with greater precision

Whether you're enhancing strategies to manage current consumer portfolios or looking to address the millions of consumers that are considered unscorable, trended credit and alternative data sources provide a view beyond traditional credit scoring. As a pioneer in the alternative data industry and the first information services company to add multi-faceted trended and alternative data into core operations, TransUnion is dedicated to staying ahead of evolving risk strategies.

Get a complete view of your applicants with our FCRA and non-FCRA alternative data sources

FCRA alternative data options

Our FCRA-compliant assets include CreditVision® LinkSM, the first score in market to combine trended and alternative data sources for a more precise look at consumer risk, and DriverRiskSM, which provides unique insight into driver risk with comprehensive court record data.

Non-FCRA alternative data options

TransUnion delivers a 360-degree view of individuals, businesses and vendors with an aggregated, networked view of public and private non-FCRA regulated information. Our customers can explore connections between people, businesses, assets and locations; identify assets, uncover inconsistencies and identify misrepresentations; and uncover evidence of financial distress or criminal activity. Our products include TLOxp®, Vehicle History Score powered by CARFAX®, and Commercial Habitational Solution.

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