The only model to be developed jointly by all three national Credit Reporting Companies (CRCs), VantageScore® provides results directly from these critical sources. When combined with TransUnion’s insight and support, you get a solution that’s intuitive, flexible, and tailored for your business needs.

VantageScore 3.0 is here

Better predictability within sought-after borrowers

The latest model pairs industry-leading analytics with more granular data from consumers’ credit histories. These combine to create the most predictive and consistent VantageScore to date.

Up to a 25% predictive lift over earlier models

VantageScore 3.0 delivers an unparalleled ability to predict among prime and near-prime consumers. This performance boost gives lenders a much-improved ability to assess the potential risks to their own portfolios.

A whole new universe of potential customers

Because VantageScore 3.0 considers at least 24 months of credit history (including utilities, rent, and telco) rather than the traditional six months, the model can generate scores for 27 – 30 million previously “unscoreable” consumers.

Easier to implement

VantageScore 3.0 adds some key new features:

  • A numerical score ranging from 300 to 850, to accommodate existing systems
  • Reduced and simplified reason codes

Many major lenders use the VantageScore model

Nearly one billion VantageScore credit scores were used last year by over 2,000 lenders and other industry participants, including 6 of the 10 largest banks. In fact, more than 3 billion VantageScore credit scores were pulled in the last year, including scores used for decisioning, model building, and testing purposes.

Blended timeframes for a more stable model

VantageScore 3.0 uses data blended from both 2009-2011 and from 2010-2012, to capture a broad development sample of recent customer behaviors. Crucially, this includes activity at the height of, and immediately following, the economic crisis. The result? A reduction in sensitivity to highly volatile behavior within a single timeframe–extending performance stability.

More consistent scores

VantageScore 3.0 provides lenders with close-to-identical risk assessments across all three CRCs. How? Because each deploys the same model. This patented one-model approach is achieved through a process called “characteristic leveling”. Consistent and equitable definitions for consumers’ payment and credit behavioral data is established across all three CRCs, so it’s interpreted the same way at multiple sources.

VantageScore Highlights

  • More predictive: Utilizes more granular data about consumers’ credit histories than traditional models, so the results are more accurate
  • More consistent: Nearly identical risk alignment when pulling scores from multiple CRCs
  • Scores 27 to 30 million more customers: Analyzes at least 24 months of consumers’ credit histories (rather than six) so it scores a broader population of borrowers
  • A more familiar scale: Now using a range from 300 to 850
  • Clearer and fewer reason codes: The number of reason codes have been cut nearly in half, and each has been rewritten with a clear, easy-to-understand explanation. Plus, there’s now an online resource to help consumers understand the codes impacting their credit scores.
  • Optimized for origination and account management: Each scorecard is optimized to provide maximum performance

Delivered however you need it

  • Online: TransUnion Credit Report, Model report, ID Report with Score, Instant Prescreen
  • Batch: In conjunction with Custom Prescreen and Monthly/Quarterly Portfolio Reviews
  • Integrated: With Retrospective Analysis, Account Acquisition and Account Management Triggers

Obtain greater stability and predictive performance from VantageScore.

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