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Economic Good

Empowering people, businesses and economies with information and insights

Expanding economic opportunity and financial inclusion in an uncertain market environment

We help people understand and protect their financial health. We also help businesses better understand risk in lending and services. Together, our work supports stronger economies – in good times and bad.

In today’s uncertain economic environment, empowering people with personalized financial management and identity protection solutions is more important than ever. Accurate credit information can help ensure access to more favorable loan terms and opportunities for individuals.

Credit information is a key factor in building long-term financial security for many people. As traditional methods of credit evaluation can leave millions without access to credit, we use trended credit and alternative data to promote financial inclusion and opportunity.

In turbulent economic times, improving access to opportunity through the availability of credit information is one of the most important roles TransUnion plays. Improved access to credit can help individuals and communities improve their standard of living.

Digital fraud has become prevalent and fraud prevention is more important than ever for people and businesses who want to transact. We unite both people and device identities to detect threats across markets, safeguarding tens of millions of transactions for consumers and businesses each day.