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Good Governance

Maintaining high standards, proper governance and ethical business practices

We’re committed to proper data stewardship

We manage and are responsible for protecting large volumes of sensitive and confidential information. We take this responsibility seriously.

We use a layered security framework based on multiple and overlapping layers of controls to reduce the risk of single points of failure. These layers are designed to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover when security related events occur with a focus on minimizing the impact to TU, our customers and consumers.

TransUnion understands you care about the privacy of your information. We are committed to data privacy and stewarding the information we hold with care so that each consumer is reliably, yet safely represented in the marketplace. We have established a simple and secure process for consumers to confirm or make changes to their personal information on our TransUnion Support Center. Visit our Privacy Center to learn more about how we handle personal information.

We adhere to strict regulatory oversight in all of our geographies, as well as align to our own high ethical standards. These regulations are designed to protect and empower consumers and ensure fair financial inclusion.

We treat information — both personal and commercial — responsibly. This fact is at the foundation of every decision we make and the way we interact with each other, our customers, vendors and business partners. We’re all in this together. While the information we manage varies from country to country, our belief in safeguarding information remains the same. No matter the situation, we hold everyone at TransUnion to the same high standard of protecting information ethically.