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Information for GoodSM

"As a risk and information solutions company, TransUnion has analytical capabilities and information that help businesses make more informed decisions and consumers gain access to products and services. We believe in using information to help people make better decisions that can transform their lives and fuel thriving economies around the world. We call this Information for GoodSM."

Jim Peck
President and CEO, TransUnion

TransUnion core values

We're a force for good

We believe data has the power to improve and protect lives and help economies thrive. With access to vast repositories of information, we deliver it in ways that allow businesses and consumers to make decisions with confidence—that’s our job.

See a few examples of how we’re supporting our service mission around the world.

In the U.S., we support financial education through work with Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) and Junior Achievement. In addition, we're supporting the Child Rescue Coalitions’ efforts to use information to protect children and supporting several education initiative.

In India, we sponsor the education of 300 girls from tribal communities where literacy rates are at 3%, including support for education, room and board, medical care and other expenses.

In South Africa, we support education by volunteering with the Vuleka primary school, including support for homework and mentoring.

TransUnion volunteer states

Our commitment

At TransUnion, we’re committed to making a difference. We want to leave an impact on the consumers and businesses we serve across the globe, and it’s because of the passion and hard work of our people that we’re able to do just that. We’re dedicated to creating brighter futures for associates by giving them the resources to succeed in their current roles, the tools needed to grow their careers and an encouraging environment where they feel empowered.

Our beliefs

Our beliefs are at the core of who we are. They guide our behavior, decision-making and commitment to our customers and colleagues as a force for good.

TransUnion beliefs

Diversity & Inclusion

FUTURO and Out and About joined CAST, the Diversity and Inclusion Forum, TransUnion Network for Upcoming Professionals, Veterans Alliance and Women’s Networking Resource Group in 2016.

FUTURO’s mission is to enable the Hispanic community at TransUnion in building connections, promoting professional development and creating opportunities.

Futuro testimonialFuturo testimonial

Our efforts had the following impact on the environment

solid waste saved from the landfill

energy saved

tons total carbon saved

Information for GoodSM to create opportunities

Through the course of business, we interact with many different customers, consumers and partners, and pride ourselves on delivering the same experience through all our touch points. We have much to be proud of, and are always looking to the future to envision how else we can further our mission and support those we care about. Smarter decisions, healthier bottom lines, stronger communities, personal empowerment, greater certainty, thriving economies and brighter futures can all be realized on a global scale through one TransUnion.

Using Information for Good to create opportunities