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Corporate Social Responsibility
at TransUnion

Information is a powerful tool that can unlock potential and opportunity for businesses and communities around the world. At TransUnion, we believe in using Information for Good®, and our success as a global leader in information solutions means we’re able to make trust possible between businesses and consumers, and help advance financial inclusion. Download the full 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility report to learn more.

Download the 2018 CSR report
“TransUnion helps people around the world access opportunities that lead to a higher quality of life. We open doors for consumers to understand and to manage their financial futures. We help businesses understand risk so they can make loans, provide insurance, lease apartments and recover unreimbursed medical care. Ours is a position of responsibility and trust. We believe in the power of information — properly curated, managed and protected — and understand it can improve lives.”

Chris Cartwright
President & Chief Executive Officer

Meet our Head of Sustainability: Hilary Chidi

Hilary Chidi

“We believe in using Information for Good, and doing right by our stakeholders – including consumers, employees, customers and investors. Aside from being personally passionate about sustainability, my role with our consumer business provides me a unique lens to think about how we as a company can further empower people and communities. I’m proud to be a part of TransUnion’s efforts to refine our sustainability approach, and sharpen our focus, measurement and reporting.”

In addition to serving as senior vice president and head of product for Consumer Interactive, in which he manages the overall consumer product vision and product portfolio, Hilary took on the role of leading our Sustainability Office in 2019.

In this role, Hilary engages a cross-functional working group, under the guidance of a sustainability steering committee made of members of the executive leadership team, to advance TransUnion’s sustainability objectives.

Prior to joining TU, Hilary held positions with TIAA, Goldman Sachs and Morningstar. He holds a master of liberal arts in sustainability from Harvard University, a master of science from The London School of Economics and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Key Facts

Founded in 1968, TransUnion is a global information solutions company that serves people, businesses and organizations around the world.

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Business Ethics

  • In support of our ethical business and compliance practices, we have a Code of Business Conduct that all associates accept when they join TransUnion and reaffirm on an annual basis. We ensure they have a thorough understanding of the privileged access their jobs require.
  • We also offer a number of ways for associates to report concerns, including an ethics hotline and our internal Speak Up program.
  • TransUnion associates who have access to non-public consumer information in order to conduct their jobs are always expected to manage that information appropriately, and are strictly prohibited from obtaining or modifying consumer or customer information, products or services offered by the company except when appropriate.
  • While the information we manage varies from country to country, our belief in safeguarding information doesn’t. Everyone at TransUnion is held to the same high standard of protecting information ethically.

Read more about our commitment to ethical behavior in the full report.

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Driving global financial inclusion through a consumer-centric approach

We’re passionate about the use of Information for Good to empower consumers, businesses and economies around the world, and we’re fortunate to be able to make a difference through the work we do. In addition to forward-looking product development, we provide information and resources related to the fundamentals of credit, empowering consumers with the knowledge required to manage their financial outlook at each stage of the credit lifecycle and help control their financial destiny.

We think of information as a tool, and by understanding the challenges facing both consumers and our customers we’re able to innovate in ways that allow more people affordable access to credit.

Read more about how we drive financial inclusion in the full report.

Providing access to credit education and identity protection tools

We’re proud of the direct access to credit and identity protection tools we provide to consumers. We’re equally proud of our successful customer partnerships which extend the reach of these offerings to millions of additional people.

Our relationships with top financial institutions, online lenders and a variety of other industries are built upon the mutual understanding that financially healthy and engaged consumers are a benefit to all. As empowered, credit-savvy individuals and families progress through life’s stages, businesses that invest in their financial health stand to gain loyal customers — customers who require products and services on beneficial terms in order to achieve their dreams.

Read more about how we promote consumer empowerment in the full report.

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Our Data Stewardship

Our commitment to data security

As a global provider of risk and information solutions, we collect, store, and transmit a large amount of sensitive and confidential information. We’re acutely aware that consumers count on us to safeguard their information, as do our data furnishers and business customers. That’s why information security is a company-wide priority at all levels of our organization.

Maintaining accuracy in consumer reports

Data accuracy is the fundamental underpinning for the entire credit reporting system. Lenders and other users of credit information need accurate data to help make good decisions about when to extend credit and other opportunities. Further, consumers deserve accuracy so they can be rewarded for their efforts to diligently pay their debts and obtain the right credit for their needs. We encourage consumers to review their credit reports to make sure all their information is accurate and complete, and to dispute potential inaccuracies.

Read more about how we protect information and manage our data in the full report.

Our Communities

We’re a force for good

We believe data has the power to improve and protect lives and help economies thrive. Delivering information in ways that allow consumers and businesses to make decisions with confidence is our job — and also our passion. As such, when we’re looking at the causes where we’re best suited to make a difference, we choose those that are aligned to our expertise. For us, that’s supporting brighter futures for vulnerable populations around the world by advancing financial inclusion, education and child protection.

Commitment to giving back

In 2018, our associates logged more than 11,500 volunteer hours — 11% more compared to 2017. To support these efforts, we provide U.S.-based associates with a Volunteer Time Off day each year which can be used to donate time outside the office to a cause that matters to them. We also offer a matching gift program for associates who choose to make financial contributions to their selected causes. TransUnion will match up to $2,000 per year for each associate, in support of donations made to 501c3 organizations. Some of our international offices also offer similar benefits.

Read more about how we interact with our communities in the full report.

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Diversity and inclusion

In 2018, we launched two new networking resource groups, African-Diaspora Alliance and Pan-Asian Connect. These groups joined our already established Community and Associate Services Team (CAST), Diversity and Inclusion Forum, FUTURO, Out and About, Peace of Mind, TransUnion Network for Upcoming Professionals (TuneUp), Veterans Alliance and Women’s Networking Resource Group (WNRG). With more than 1,200 members collectively, our networking resource groups have made a difference in the lives of our associates, and in the communities in which they live and work.

Career development

As TransUnion continues to grow, we’re focused on evolving our culture with it. A big part of this involves adapting the way we work to keep up with our dynamic business and fast-paced industry. And to do this, our associates must continually build upon and share their unique skillsets with others. In 2018, we asked associates to join the #LearningAtTU movement – a rallying cry to learn, share and grow. Our associates answered the call:

LinkedIn Learning
Internal Learning
Tuition Reimbursement

Read more about our people in the full report and our Diversity Report, as well as our Human Rights and Labor Standards and Wellness, Health and Safety policies.

Our Environment

We believe in leaving the world a better place environmentally. We’re energized that we can enact positive change and continually seek ways to control our impact.

One key area of focus is our energy consumption. As we store vast amounts of data for collection and analysis, this is a central focus of our sustainability strategy and where we see the most opportunity for reducing our carbon footprint. Our corporate Facilities Engineering Team has spearheaded successful, energy-saving and equipment-recycling initiatives in our offices and data centers.

Read more about our environmental impact in the full report, as well as our Environmental Policy.