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Corporate Social Responsibility at TransUnion

Every day we source, analyze and provide data to consumers, businesses and organizations, and enable them to make informed decisions that can lead to life-changing opportunities.

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"While we operate as a business, we also serve as the door to opportunity for millions of consumers around the world who look to us for guidance and the ability to participate in the global economy. With 50 years behind us, we are in a unique position to help enable the modern economy — be it through confidence in transactions, identity protection, risk assessment or credit education."

Jim Peck
President & Chief Executive Officer

Key Facts

Founded in 1968, TransUnion is a global information solutions company that serves people, businesses and organizations around the world.

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Business Ethics

  • We treat valuable information — both personal and commercial — responsibly.
  • We strive to maintain confidentiality and data integrity, including continuous efforts to ensure proper use of company resources.
  • TransUnion associates who have access to non-public consumer information are always expected to manage that information appropriately, and are strictly prohibited from obtaining or modifying consumer or customer information, products or services offered by the company except when appropriate.
  • While the information we have varies from country to country, our belief in safeguarding information doesn’t. Everyone at TransUnion is held to the same high standard of protecting information ethically.

Read more about our commitment to ethical behavior in the full report.

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Our work

Driving global financial inclusion through a consumer first approach

We’re driven to create universal, inclusive economic opportunity. In addition to forward-looking product development, we provide information and resources related to the fundamentals of credit, empowering consumers with the knowledge required to manage their financial outlook at each stage of the credit lifecycle.

We think about information as a tool to help people achieve their dreams. By understanding the goals and challenges of consumers and our customers we’re able to innovate in ways that allow more people affordable access to credit.

Read more about how we drive financial inclusion in the full report.

The Difference Trended and Alternative Data Can Make

A Fraud & Identity Theft Perspective: Don’t be Limited By Fear

The consumer is at the forefront of every decision

TransUnion’s innovative products and services are conceived and launched with the consumer at the forefront of every decision. As we work to strengthen our online tools and resources, we understand that sometimes, busy individuals and families need information delivered to them.

As a result of consumer feedback, in 2017, we introduced enhanced alerts through TrueIdentity and TransUnion Credit Monitoring which notify consumers in real time of credit report inquiries and any changes to their personal information. These digital alerts delivered via SMS and/or email make it fast and easy for consumers to detect and prevent fraudulent activity, while offering the reassurance that they seek. In 2018, we further upgraded our alerts service to provide real-time notifications to consumers when anyone attempts to access their frozen or locked credit report. The alert includes important information on the creditor where the application was made and contact information should the consumer need to reach out and flag that the activity is fraudulent.

Read more about how we promote consumer empowerment in the full report.

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Our Data Stewardship

Protecting information as a priority

Cybercrime continues to rise and evolve at an alarming rate, putting all companies that deal with data at risk. Given that risk, we focus on data security across the company, with active engagement from our executive team and throughout our ranks. Our compliance, information security and investigation teams work together, supported by all of our employees, to protect the people that put their trust in us. Information Security operates as a global function across all our business units and geographies, ensuring coverage and visibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Threats are monitored and evaluated to ensure internal controls are adjusted as needed to remain effective in a rapidly changing threat environment.

Maintaining accuracy in consumer reports

TransUnion is committed to providing accurate information to consumers. We make every effort to assess the integrity of the information provided to us by creditors before that information is included on a consumer’s report and to investigate and resolve consumer disputes quickly and accurately. We encourage consumers to review their credit reports to make sure all their information is accurate and complete. If inaccuracies are found on a TransUnion credit report, consumers can go through the dispute process at no charge, either online, by phone or mail. More information can be found at

Read more about how we protect information and manage our data in the full report.

Our Communities

We’re a force for good

We believe data has the power to improve and protect lives and help economies thrive. Delivering information in ways that allow consumers and businesses to make decisions with confidence is our job — and also our passion. As such, when we’re looking at the causes where we’re best suited to make a difference, we choose those aligned to our expertise. For us, that’s supporting brighter futures for vulnerable populations around the world by advancing financial inclusion, education and child protection.

Commitment to giving back

In 2017, we logged 9% more global volunteer hours compared to 2016. For the second year in a row, our associate engagement survey also captured a 9% year-over-year increase in the number of associates that believe we do a good job of giving back to our communities.

To support these efforts, we provide U.S.-based associates with a Volunteer Time Off day each year which can be used to donate time outside the office to a cause that matters to them. We also offer a matching gift program for associates who choose to make financial contributions to their selected causes. TransUnion will match up to $2,000 per year for each associate, in support of donations made to 501c3 organizations. Some of our international offices also offer similar benefits.

Read more about how we interact with our communities in the full report.

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Our People

The TU Experience

In the last five years alone, TransUnion has undergone significant growth and change. With a new brand identity, large-scale technology transformation and several acquisitions, we’ve made great strides in becoming an industry-leading provider of information solutions to customers and consumers across the globe. As a result of feedback from our 2016 Engagement Survey, the executive team made a commitment to help associates better understand who we are, what we do and how we work together as an organization. The outcome was the TU Experience — an immersive, day-long event that was brought to every major office location around the world.

TU Experience by the numbers

  • 52 sessions globally
  • Over 4,000 associates attended (80% of population)

2017 survey results showed a significant lift in favorable response rate on four factors for those who attended a TU Experience session compared to those who did not:

77% vs. 70%

Company Confidence:
90% vs. 83%

Leadership Confidence:
76% vs. 68%

TU Beliefs:
70% vs. 64%

Committed to a diverse, inclusive and positive workplace

In 2017, we launched a new networking resource group, Peace of Mind, to further our commitment of creating a diverse, inclusive and positive place to work. This group joined our already established Community and Associate Services Team (CAST), Diversity and Inclusion Forum, FUTURO, Out and About, TransUnion Network for Upcoming Professionals (TuneUp), Veterans Alliance and Women’s Networking Resource Group (WNRG). With over 1,200 members collectively, these networking resource groups have made a lasting impact on both the internal associate population and external community at large.

Culture of Learning and Growth

In 2017, we sponsored 88 associates for external learning through our tuition reimbursement program, which provides $7,500 in financial assistance per calendar year. Aiding our people in investing in their development also means additional career opportunities. Last year, we promoted 780+ associates; nearly 16% of our global workforce. What’s equally exciting is that 25% of all of our hires in 2017 were internal candidates, further supporting our culture of learning and growth opportunity.

Read more about our people in the full report.