Concerned about your credit because you've been impacted by the current government shutdown?

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Learn what you can do to help protect your credit.

The current government shutdown is impacting hundreds of thousands of federal employees. If you are affected by the government shutdown and are concerned about how late or missed bill payments may impact your credit, TransUnion is here to help. If you’re having trouble making payments due to the shutdown, first contact your lenders to explain your situation. You can find contact information for these lenders on your most recent bill or on your credit report.

We continue to recommend you monitor your credit regularly to note any changes and address them in a timely manner if needed. Below please find the best ways to contact us for specific requests.



To obtain your free annual report

To dispute an item on your credit report

To sign up for free identity protection and credit monitoring with TrueIdentity


If you need any additional credit report assistance, please feel free to contact us.