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4 last-minute holiday saving ideas

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The holiday season is in full swing. Here's how to make your dollar go farther.

The holidays are upon us. If you're scrambling to get those last gifts or make those last-minute plans, don't let your wallet bear the brunt. Here are 5 ways to save now.

  1. Priceless Presents

    If you haven't quite finished your holiday shopping yet, check your list twice. Consider whether everyone (your son or daughter's teacher, your long-lost cousin, etc.) needs a store-bought present. Thoughtful, homemade gifts can go a long way.

  2. Greeting Graphics

    Sending a holiday greeting card with a photo? Include the holiday theme in the background when you take the pictures. That way, you’ll avoid having to pay for extra holiday-card designs.

  3. Frugal Flying

    Looking for a last-minute flight? When browsing the web for bargains, clear your history. Some sites may use previous browsing behavior (and interest in travel) to show you prices and offers that may no longer be the lowest.

  4. Potluck Gold

    If you're still in the planning stages of a holiday feast you're hosting, consider asking each guest to bring their favorite dish to share. That can really keep costs in check.

    Though the holidays are right around the corner, it's never too late to save. There may even by enough time (and extra savings) to get yourself a little something extra!
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