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Will 2016 be the year passwords become obsolete?

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If these 3 technologies are any indication, passwords may be on their way out. Ever since the invention of the Internet, passwords have been a staple of secure verification. But as hackers have grown more sophisticated and as users’ fingers have grown weary, promising password-less ID verification technologies have come to the fore. Will you be using these in 2016?

1.            Selfie Pay

Yes, it’s in the works and it works exactly as it sounds. MasterCard is developing facial recognition technology that would verify someone’s identity when shopping on their phone. To help prevent fraud, the technology matches your facial contours against a mapped out version MasterCard would have secured on file.

2.            Notification Authentication

That sounds like a mouthful, but it’s simple in practice. Instead of entering a password, you would click on a notification sent to your smartphone. Yahoo Mail is working on this technology, which promises to eliminate the need to enter a password on one’s mobile phone when logging into email.

3.            Fingerprint Verification

Already in use for scanner-equipped Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay phones, fingerprint verification promises to expand in 2016. As more and more retailers adopt payment terminals accepting tap-and-pay (NFC) technology, there will be more opportunities to securely pay without having to enter a PIN or password.

Though password-less security promises convenience and new ways to avoid prying eyes, it’s possible new vulnerabilities will be discovered. That’s why, regardless of how sophisticated security technology becomes, it’s good to have another layer of protection.

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