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The E-Commerce Consumer Data Bill of Rights

Shana Carlson
Blog Post03/24/2020
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The E-Commerce Consumer Data Bill of Rights image

In uncertain times like those we’re facing today, social distancing is forcing consumers all around the globe to adjust their shopping patterns, leading to spikes in digital commerce.

Of course, global commerce had already been moving towards digital channels like mobile well before social distancing was implemented, with thriving retailers embracing them as foundational to the customer experience. But in this current climate, unprecedented levels of digital commerce are challenging even the most innovative retailers and merchants to adjust the way they protect consumer data and deliver great experiences, goods and services in response to demand.

This is why meeting consumer expectations and building trust is more paramount than ever – and earning that trust begins with responsible stewardship of their data.

We call this the E-Commerce Consumer Data Bill of Rights.

  1. I expect to shop where and when I want. My whole life is on my phone, so please offer a secure mobile shopping experience.
  2. I want you to recognize me. I’m okay with you associating my devices with my account if it helps you recognize who I am.
  3. I expect you to honor the value of my identity. Criminals want my data; you need to do all you can to protect it.
  4. I expect it to be easy to do business with you. I value convenience, and don’t want hefty risk controls to slow me down.
  5. Let me decide to share my information. Don’t require me to set up an account just to make a purchase.
  6. I expect you to protect my account. Be sure to confirm important changes, unusual shopping behavior or major purchases taking place in or from my account.
  7. If you’re not sure it’s me, please ask. I want you to verify my identity if you see a new device accessing my account.
  8. I want you to be smarter than the criminals. I’ll do my part to protect my data and I’m trusting you to do the same.
  9. I expect you to show me the value of my data. Don’t ask me for my data if it’s not going to be used to help me.

TransUnion can help you understand the changing dynamics in digital commerce during this crises, including the potential for increased e-commerce fraud, and help you mitigate the risks for your business and your online shoppers. To learn more about the evolution of digital commerce in 2020, contact us today.

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