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Better Data for Today’s Marketing Strategy

David Drotos
Blog Post09/11/2017
Better Data for Today’s Market Strategy

For auto insurance marketers, acquisition is key—and acquiring the right customers requires data that allows you to target and tailor your messaging. As access to new data and deeper insights in-creases, so does the necessity to stay ahead of the innovation curve. The need to improve conver-sion rates and the quality of leads—where marketing dollars are being spent—can be a determin-ing factor for success.

Historically, insurers haven’t had the ability to target or suppress the universe of drivers based on court record violation data, but as a group, consumers with violations shop more than those with-out violations.1

Drivers with violations show a 70% higher shopping rate and a 70% higher response rate than clean drivers.1

The availability of current, driving behavioral data is changing the way we see consumers and ef-fectively market to them. The first step to a seamless journey through today’s evolving landscape is access to insights that enable you to fine-tune your direct mail and digital marketing campaigns.

Up-to-date court record violation information allows insurers to segment lists based on specific categories they set forth, such as major and minor violations. With this new insight, you have the ability to offer ideal candidates the best possible experience, including invitations-to-apply and prescreen marketing campaigns.

The argument to remove populations that don’t fit your rate criteria or eligibility rules is a strong one. Having the insight to suppress the violation driver universe for any violation over the past 36 months allows you to align your campaigns with your underwriting and rating plan while focusing marketing spend on prospects more likely to convert.

Flawless customer experiences start with your ability to refine the population. DriverRiskSM leverages TransUnion’s credit class matching capabilities with regularly updated court record violation data to deliver insights well beyond what’s available in the market today. Having the data assets to make quick, confident decisions is a necessity.

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