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Blockgraph and TransUnion Partnering to Deliver Privacy-Focused Addressable Advertising Solutions to the Cross-Channel Video Marketplace

Partnering to Deliver Privacy-Focused Addressable Advertising Solutions to the Cross-Channel Video Marketplace

Blockgraph, an industry-owned and privacy-focused audience connectivity, collaboration and authentication platform for media companies, today announced that it is finalizing a partnership with TransUnion.

Blockgraph will leverage TransUnion’s growing portfolio of identity and data-driven audience solutions, including privacy-focused identity, data modeling, audience creation and activation solutions. Blockgraph also will utilize data marketplace applications through TransUnion’s recent acquisition of Tru Optik.

Blockgraph is owned by Comcast NBCUniversal, Charter Communications, Inc. and ViacomCBS, Inc. and is committed to creating a better, safer, and more sustainable advertising ecosystem. Blockgraph’s platform infrastructure combined with TransUnion’s persistent view of identity and comprehensive identity and audience solutions, will put privacy first, helping usher in the next phase of addressability and measurement at scale across the convergent TV landscape.

“TransUnion and Blockgraph will enable the TV industry to take a big leap forward towards its convergent future,” said Jason Manningham, CEO of Blockgraph. “By bringing connectivity, efficiency, and transparency to an industry challenged by fragmentation and lack of trust, we are taking addressability and measurement to the next level at a critical inflection point for the TV industry.”

Blockgraph provides the world’s leading multi-system operators, TV publishers and advertisers with an open platform to safely, securely, and transparently connect audience data through a privacy-focused identity infrastructure that allows each participant’s data to be used in a manner consistent with its privacy and security policies. In doing so, Blockgraph technology facilitates the ability for its participants to provide aggregated and anonymized insights to clients, manage partnerships, and enable measurement and addressability for an evolving convergent TV advertising ecosystem.

“Connected TV and other digital video services continue to grow in popularity, and marketers are increasing their investments in these channels to extend their reach and improve ROI,” said Matt Spiegel, EVP marketing solutions and media vertical, TransUnion. “TransUnion supports the demands of the connected consumer and the growing connected home by providing the next generation of identity-enabled solutions to reach viewers in an omnichannel, privacy-safe way. Our partnership with Blockgraph will allow us to confidently deliver better addressable solutions that meet marketer needs both today and going forward.”

“Combining Blockgraph’s privacy-first data infrastructure with TransUnion’s identity solutions means we will be able to deliver on the promise of cross-platform addressability in the rapidly evolving convergent TV ecosystem,” said John Halley, COO Advertising Revenue and EVP, Advanced Marketing Solutions at ViacomCBS. “This new level of implementing data confidentiality controls, combined with cross channel identity resolution, targeting, and measurement is a win for consumers, our advertisers and for the TV industry at large.”

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