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TransUnion TruAudience Clean Room Named “Major Player” in 2023-24 IDC MarketScape Vendor Assessment

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The global market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC) recognized TransUnion’s marketing solutions business, TruAudience®, as a Major Player as part of its 2023–24 vendor assessment of data clean room technology solutions in IDC MarketScape Worldwide Data Clean Room Technology for Advertising and Marketing Use Cases.

This inaugural report from IDC provides a first-of-its-kind, in-depth review of all the major clean room players in the market conducted by a global independent analyst. 

Why TransUnion TruAudience is a Major Player 

IDC highlights TransUnion TruAudience Clean Room as a strong competitor in providing enterprises and their partners with a privacy-first environment supported by the scale of TransUnion TruAudience Identity Graph for data-collaboration use cases.

TransUnion received one of the highest scores of all vendors evaluated on Strategy. IDC recognized TransUnion’s strong focus on cloud-native applications in 2023, such as transfer-less identity resolution with Snowflake and AWS entity resolution, and broader approach to minimizing data movement through native applications and federated machine learning. These technologies assist in preserving data privacy and data governance while helping reduce client security concerns.

TransUnion stands out with a high score for the functionality of its clean room which offers:

  • Hundreds of native integrations with major data providers for data ingestion and data enrichment

  • No-code workflows for data-collaboration use cases — such as audience overlaps and closed-loop measurement — as well as unlocking insights, enabling audience building and powering measurement efforts

  • A strong foundation of privacy-preserving technologies to minimize data exposure to collaborators

As part of its market analysis, IDC also recognized TransUnion’s strong financial backing, extensive partner ecosystem, emphasis on customer service and community building, flexible pricing options and contract terms, and pace of research and development. 

This 2023–24 IDC MarketScape Worldwide Data Clean Room Technology for Advertising and Marketing Use Cases recognition follows TransUnion’s focus on investing in the product development of its data clean room technology— which has been a growing priority over the past few years as data clean rooms have emerged as must-have tools in the MarTech ecosystem.

“Being ranked a Major Player in IDC's Data Clean Room MarketScape validates our focus on identity and privacy technology, and highlights the work our team has done to build a compelling Data Collaboration vision as the industry moves to an interoperable ecosystem in the cloud,” said Matt Zambelli, Director of Product for Data Collaboration at TransUnion.

The case for data clean rooms 

Data clean rooms enable organizations to share their data anonymously, making it possible to unlock greater insights and more accurate measurement, enrich customer data and create stronger segmentation without the risk of breaching any potentially sensitive data.

More and more companies are preparing for data deprecation as a result of new consumer data privacy legislation and changes in third-party data availability as Google and Apple restrict cookies and mobile ad IDs. This evolving landscape requires finding more efficient ways to source impactful data to better reach and connect with consumers. That’s why data-savvy organizations are turning to clean room technology solutions —which IAB has referred to as “an essential collaboration tool for audience insights, measurement, and data activation in a privacy-centric ecosystem.”

Gartner estimates 80% of advertisers spending more than $1 billion annually on media will invest in a data clean room. Additionally, current users expected to increase their investments in this technology by 29% in 2023.

TransUnion TruAudience Clean Room unlocks access to second-party data from trusted partners — serving a variety of use cases from unlocking insights to audience building and measurement — that are affected by the changes in the marketing ecosystem.  

Tap into the benefits of a data clean room 

If you’re interested in learning more about clean rooms, check out the TransUnion-sponsored IAB report, the State of Data 2023: Data Clean Rooms & the Democratization of Data in the Privacy-Centric Ecosystem, which provides actionable insights and uses cases for adopting data clean room and privacy-preserving technologies, as well as key considerations for selecting the best data clean room provider.

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