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ACA delay on out-of-pocket costs has consequences for hospitals

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Blog Post08/26/2013
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Customer Spotlight – Rich Stayner, Bridge Property Management

Rich has been in the property management industry for over 30 years. As if one role isn’t enough, Rich currently has two very important positions: Principal of Bridge Investment Group and CEO of Bridge Property Management, which manages just under 30,000 apartment units across 17 states. In addition, Rich serves on TransUnion’s Multi-Family Advisory Board.

TransUnion interviewed Rich to get his unique perspectives. Let’s hear what Rich had to say from that conversation:

"We believe living in an apartment community is more than renting four walls and a roof. When we buy a property, we put the time and effort into improving the quality of our units. We know how important it is for people to feel comfortable in the environment in which they live. We want residents to be happy and that means taking care of everything from the physical maintenance of their unit to offering social programs that intrinsically add value to their rental dollar."

Rich not only cares about his residents, he’s also committed to fostering the partnerships he’s established. After being reintroduced to TransUnion four years ago, he’s put full trust in our solutions and it’s been paying off. And with our solid integration with Yardi, he’s found more precise reporting, a more simplified procedure at the application stage of the rental process and better NOI. What could be better?

"Since we reengaged with TransUnion, we’ve had success in lowering our accounts receivable, evictions and skips. The information provided through ResidentScreening has given us better insight into our residents, and has delivered a higher net operating income. We’ve found that TransUnion provides a top-tier service and genuinely wants their customers to succeed in all facets of operations. They’re a trusted partner with the best solution for screening in our industry today."

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