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Data Activation Important To Stay Afloat In A Deluge Of Insights

David Dowhan
Blog Post05/11/2020
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The following is an excerpt from an article originally published on on May 11, 2020

While marketers have increased focus on their own data, a critical eye on third-party, sourced data has only uncovered how greatly advertisers still depend on it for basic marketing capabilities. That’s why seasoned marketers are taking more stock in tools and technologies that help leverage additional, complementary data holistically to make the most of their own audience insights.

Bolstering your data

Marketers have noted accuracy as one of the biggest hurdles in leveraging their own data. An infrastructure of cross-verified data sources – based on a reliable truth set – is an effective mechanism to validate internally sourced data, improve accuracy, and fill in gaps. This additional data also helps create more depth, uncovering customer insights and scaling a marketer’s overall addressable universe.

Brands need a strong understanding of customer preferences to build meaningful, one-to-one connections and experiences. Data insights are critical to personalizing the customer journey, particularly in the early stages where external, sourced data helps improve your understanding of consumers.

Most companies also require help to link data sets to customers across channels and devices, especially as audience inventory becomes more partitioned across various channels such as advanced TV and publisher domains.

Learn how techniques like predictive modeling help drive data activation by reading the full article here.

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